Horse Drawn Carriage Kent

Horse Drawn Carriage Kent

Horse Drawn Carriages Kent: Whether it’s your special day, a special event or sending that special person off in style, a horse drawn carriage will add that extra touch of class and flair to life’s big, improtant & special occasions.

horse drawn carriage kent


More and more couples are taking this traditional form of transport and realising just how wonderful it is. One distinct advantage over the usual wedding car is that the photographer can get some wonderful shots on the journey to and from the church. The natural photographs taken along the way can be some of the best in the album.

Choosing a horse drawn carriage can make what is a special day into an even more momentous occasion. Waving regally to the people on the route really does make the bride feel like a princess. The highly polished carriage, drawn by a pair of gleaming carriage horses, decorated with flowers to compliment your chosen colour scheme is an unforgettable sight.Of course there will be a smart coachman and footmen dressed in traditional livery. The happy couple will be presented with a complimentary bottle of champagne, which may be consumed on route to the reception if desired.

horse drawn carriage kent


Our stunning horses and funeral carriages make a spectacular addition to any funeral cortege. We offer beautiful white carriage horses as well as our jet black friesian stallions, also known as Belgian Blacks. These are the traditional funeral horses carefully selected for their noble bearing and gentle character.

Our hearses are modern reproductions of Victorian classics and are able to carry the largest of coffins or caskets. Each hearse is fully equipped with straps and hooks to display floral tributes when required.

horse drawn carriage kent


Whether you want to sweep them off their feet and treat them to a horse drawn journey to a special location or have something a little different in mind, we can work with you to create the perfect, tailored package.

The personalisation doesn’t stop with the ‘when’ and ‘where’.

We have a range of carriages available to choose from including traditional Landau coaches and princess Cinderella carriages allowing you to choose the perfect style to suit your loved one. So do contact us today and let’s get that special experience booked in.

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